Computer hardware is a constantly changing world.  What was state of the art yesterday can be obsolete tomorrow.  At Oranda, we also recognise that each of our clients have their unique requirements and preferences.  We are not tied to any particular hardware brands, and will source the best value parts to suit.

Specialist computer hardware supplies often run on tight margins, and rely on high turnover to make sure their stock is up to date and to turn over a profit.  The best value suppliers are often in the worst position to advise you on the best solution to meet your specific business requirements.

Our policy is to determine what hardware would best suit our client's needs and budget, and either source the the best value products for our clients, or enable our clients to source the best products themselves from the hardware vendor of their choice. Our aim is to get our clients the best value for their budget that meets their business requirements.  We keep up-to-date with the current hardware trends so we can advise our our clients how to get the maximum mileage and value out of their hardware purchases.


Whether it is accessing and sharing an internet connection, accessing servers, sharing printers, or remotely connecting to systems, most businesses end up using a computer network in some form or other.  With our experience in networking we can advise on, and select the equipment that will allow you to most effectively connect any two or more computing devices.  We can sort out the complexity of routers, modems, switches, access points, VPNs, cabling, wireless protocols and servers to get the connectivity you require.


Servers are expected to be available 100% of the time during working hours.   Sometimes this means being available almost 24 hours a day seven days a week. To achieve this servers tend to be built with more reliable (and more expensive) components than your standard PC.  Their heavy duty cooling systems can make them big and noisy compared to a PC.  Servers also come in several different form factors, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.
We can advise on the specifications that would best suit your business needs, or else build a server to your requirements.
We can service your choice of Windows or Linux operating systems, and configure the systems you need.


We can
  • custom build PCs to your requirements,
  • upgrade existing PCs as required, or
  • advise on purchases of pre-built PCs
Pre-built PCs from manufacturers such as Dell and HP can offer exceptional value, and are designed to meet the needs of most users, but they can also have shortcomings. Since these companies tend to design their own systems, it is usually only possible to do the most basic upgrades.  Instead of doing a major upgrade it is normal to purchase a new computer and retire the old one.  By building a custom PC it is possible to maximise the life of most of the components by making sure it can be upgraded into the foreseeable future.
Sometimes a client might require a design that that major computer manufacturers do not supply, such as a very small form factor, or a silent PC.   We can build PCs to meet these requirements and your budget.


We can advise you on the relative merits of different laptops before you commit to buy.